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Dimensions & Mounting

Silverstone UK Racing Track Wooden Wall Art Sculptures


There are 3 sizes of track: 360, 580 and 910mm - which is the overall width measured as shown in illustrations on each track page.

The 360mm track racing lines are 10mm wide and 15mm deep.

The 580 and 910mm racing lines are 16mm wide and 24mm deep.

These dimensions are balanced in a way that complement one another.  Being deeper than they are wide creates an aesthetically pleasing visual that gives the tracks presence whilst on display.

Because the 910mm tracks use the same proportitions as the 580mm tracks they look different due to the scaling.  This creates a more true-to-life representation of the circuit and the finer detail of the track stands out.

Please note:  Not all of the tracks are available in the 910mm size. Brands Hatch is 880mm instead of 910mm and the Nurburgring and Nordschleife circuit sculptures are uniquely-sized, as described on their respective pages.



All tracks come with a set of 3M Picture Hanging Strips.  These are a simple and effective way of mounting your Trackscape without requiring nails or screws.  

The following 'how to' video by 3M shows them in action:


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