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Wooden Racing Circuit Sculpture Carbon Material and Texture Detail

As in racing; Trackscapes are brought into being through a fusion of man and machine.

Using modern manufactured materials and engineering methods, tracks are carefully hand prepared, finished, and precision CNC-sculpted from FSC-certified Baltic Birch plywood.



The sculptures are veneered in a high quality, professional-finish available in black, white or carbon. The texture of this covering shapes and reflects the light to highlight the circuits curves aesthetically, in a variety of lighting conditions.



The back of the track is left, as are the sides, as natural wood. There is no need for oil or other wood-finishes;  instead you are left with a naturally beautiful material.

The lines formed by the ply's in the wood accent the contours of the circuit. As they follow the track, they help pronounce the corners and straights and carry this shape back to the wall, where it's shadow is cast...



Baltic birch plywood is an engineered product - made from natural wood.

As such, it is never 100% perfect.  Colour variations, knots within the ply layers and minor imperfections are unavoidable.

This is perfectly normal and adds a certain 'character' to each and every track.  Each circuit is individual, and because-they're made-to-order: personal to you.



FSC-certification is your reassurance that the wood used to make your track comes from a forest that is managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable manner.

Combined with a covering from a leading manufacturer that is striving to continually improve their sustainability (having reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by 72% since 1990), you can be proud to display a product that's sympathetic to the environment.


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