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Nurburgring Circuit Complete with Grand Prix Strecke and Nordschleife Wooden Racing Course Wall Art Replica Aerial View in a Black Finish




Circuit (W x H) 'Line' (W x D)
Original 657mm x 700mm 12mm x 18mm
Large  876mm x 933mm 16mm x 24mm

- measured as displayed in the correct North-South orientation (see diagram)

We've added a large version of the Nurburgring circuit. The original circuit measures 793mm between the furthest points, but the new larger track measures a whopping 1160mm!

The original track was designed to a different scale to other circuits we offer - the racing line measures 12mm wide by 18mm deep.  This was to capture the more-complex and intricate details of the Nurburgring circuit, while maintaining an ideal display-size.

The large track however, is made to a scale in-keeping with the other large (910mm) and medium (580mm) tracks we offer and has a track line 16mm wide and 24mm deep.

Track Facts

The World Touring Car Championship is raced around the Nurburgrings combined 25km Nordschleife circuit and GP-Strecke in the Eifel mountains. The GP track was completed in 1984 and the Nordschleife in 1927.

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